Are you in search of an excellent purchasing agent? You should be aware that many agents are not qualified. Purchasing agents play an important role in international purchasing; they act as the bridge between buyers and sellers. To choose the best sourcing agent read on for tips

Selecting a purchasing agent


The person you are about to hire must be familiar and fluent in the national language of the target country. He must be well conversant with written and spoken English among other languages. For a business deal to go through, communication is key. There can never be good communication if the parties involved cannot speak the same language. If the buyer is not able to communicate with the sellers in the specific country, they will not be able to bargain hence high chances of getting ripped off.


The agent must be in a position to protect the interest of foreign buyers in the country. Some will take you to scammers. A good agent should keep their promises as well. The purchasing agent must maintain high morality levels. Stay away from an agent who wants a commission from both the sellers and buyer.

Knowledge of export and import

A purchasing agent must have a good relationship with the authorities of the country you are targeting. They must be aware of all import and export policies. In addition to that, they should be conversant with the regulations related to buying and selling abroad. With full knowledge of the policies and regulations, you will never be involved in lawsuits.

Purchasing methods

A good purchasing agent must be able to purchase a variety of items without wasting a lot of time. They should be aware of the best markets around and where your products are sold. It should not be all about buying but buying them at the best prices without compromising on quality. If you get quality products at the lowest cost, then you can buy resale and make more profits.

Familiarity with the industry

The purchasing agent must be familiar with the products and services you are interested in. Choose an agent with the knowledge and expertise of the products you are dealing with. Each industry has its terms of operation, for an agent to make the best purchase they must be familiar with the terms.

International laws

The agent must be aware of international laws and practices such as taxation, quota issues, certification and anti-dumping rules just to mention a few.